About Us

Nice to meet you, we are Irani.

We are one of Brazil largest producers of packaging paper and corrugated cardboard packaging. We make fully recyclable renewable forest-based products, with the utmost respect for people and the environment.

We operate with full control of the production chain and complementary relationship interfaces to integrate our experience with the reality of those who do business with us, creating increasingly closer relationships with all our stakeholders.

Why invest in Irani

1 decades
of experience
R$ 1 million
LTM 1Q24 of our Net
Operating Revenue
Over 1 regional
and national environmental awards

Our Business

We have extensive operations, with units in four Brazilian states focused on the following business pillars: forestry, paper, packaging and resin.


Corrugated Cardboard Packaging:

Light and heavy corrugated cardboard box and sheet production segment. We produce boxes and sheets made of kraft, white and recycled paper of different grammages with excellent performance and corrugated cardboard sheets in single and double waves with rigorous quality control and technical support.

The projects are customized for each product, ensuring improved production performance and optimization of the logistics chain.

Packaging Paper:

We produce low- and high-grammage kraft paper and recycled paper for the domestic and international markets. We direct most of our recycled paper production to the Corrugated Cardboard Packaging segment.

RS Forestry and Resin

The RS Forestry and Resin segment manufactures products from its forest base in Rio Grande do Sul, composed of planted pine forests.

The Resin unit extracts natural resin to produce pitch and turpentine to make varnish, paint, soap, glue, adhesives, insulators, enamel, disinfectants and perfumes, among others, mainly for the international market.

A small share of the wood of RS Forestry is also sold in the local market, with production focused on MDF.